K - 12 Education

For the Classroom

A technology empowered classroom with accurate and up-to-date content expands the teacher's critical role, helping them accommodate a variety of learning styles and tailor instruction to meet individual needs. Train the teacher materials: # curriculum integration guides # customizable lesson plans are resources that simplify the implementation of LearnKey tools in the classroom.

Tools, Tips, & Strategies

In today's fast moving world, new technologies are emerging daily, and the demand on educators to keep pace continues to grow. LearnKey is helping educators and their students become proficient in the use of critical software and technology. Our learning tools fit seamlessly into the educational process - without taking it over.

Consistency & Accountability

We're helping states, districts, schools and teachers maximize efficiency by effectively integrating technology education into the classroom. We can help students become proficient in the use of critical productivity software. We can assist those seeking careers in information technology (IT) to attain industry-standard certification, and we can support educators in their efforts to keep pace with technology subjects.