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"The training modules provided the necessary information for me to pass my Outlook 2010 certification exam. The study guides presented after taking the assessments were helpful in order to know which areas I needed to review again. Thank you!" Jessica C.
Outlook 2010

"I actually love online expert" Larrian H.
IC3: Internet & Computing Core Certification 2005

"The interactive video's were funny and entertaining and most of all very informative. This made them easy to listen to and therfore easy to learn. Great Job. Thank you. Now I shall see if I can pass the A+ exam." Angela W.
A+ Certification 2009

"Online Expert is highly very explanatory. My Teacher, Peggy was very detailed in explaining the course content. I am looking forward to progress to do my MCSE Exams with you if available. I am very proud to start and finish this course" Samuel F.
MTA Software Development Fundamentals

"I never had problem with accessing the course. Always up and online. Thank you for great support" Gil C.
Windows 7 Configuration

"Online Expert Team I want to thank you for a wonderful learning Experience." Daryl G.
IC3 Global Standard (GS3)

"The trainer took his time to explain the concepts very well with simple examples.On few occassion he appeared too fast in his presentation. Overall I think the platform is awsome and the user experience great." Mariwan F.
MTA Database Administrator Fundamentals

"It was a great program it was easy to understand and straight to the point." Darin J.
Attitude for Success

PowerPoint 2010

"I really enjoyed this course and plan to take more in the future. I wish I had known about the opportunity to learn this sooner. Thanks!!!" Gina W.
Excel 2010