LearnKey's Free Tools include Case Studies - help you identify your training needs; White Papers - designed to help you understand complex information; Podcasts and Demo It Now clips - where you can view training clips; e-Newsletter - containing industry information and studies; and Course Information - including course objectives and detailed indexes.
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Interested in more information about LearnKey elearning courseware? Since we have eight different product lines totaling more than 250 courses it's no wonder you'll need a guide! Develop insight into the training industry with the LearnKey e-Newsletter. We provide current industry news along with training tips that are helpful whether you're an educator, business professional or a government official. Case studies are an easy way to gather information about your industry related challenges. Whether you are representing the education, business or government channel, LearnKey has created solutions for you. LearnKey has developed white papers to educate top-level training executives and learners. As an industry leader in training services, LearnKey analyzes the training market, determining the trends every trainer should understand to improve their ROI. LearnKey has training podcasts available for viewing on itunes
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